struct Srcom::Region


Has shorthand methods to getting the resources that the Links in #links point to.

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def : JSON::PullParser) #

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Instance Method Detail

def games(page_size : Int32 = 20) : Srcom::Api::PageIterator(Game) #

Gets all the Games playable in this Region.

NOTE Defaults to 20 results per page as otherwise the request might very well 503.

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def id : String #

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def id=(id : String) #

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def links : Array(Link) #

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def links=(links : Array(Link)) #

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def name : String #

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def name=(name : String) #

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def runs(page_size : Int32 = 200) : Srcom::Api::PageIterator(Run) #

Gets all Runs completed while playing on this Platform.

NOTE Depending on the Region trying to get all Runs almost definitely crashes at some point.

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