class Srcom::CodeException


This exception is raised in Api#request and Api#request_single_item when a request fails with an API error response that has a descriptive message and support links.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Srcom::StatusException

message message, response : HTTP::Client::Response response, status_code : Int32 status_code, status_message : String status_message, to_s(io) to_s

Constructor methods inherited from class Srcom::StatusException

new(response : HTTP::Client::Response) new

Constructor Detail

def : HTTP::Client::Response, error : APIError) #

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Instance Method Detail

def error : APIError #

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def error_message : String #

The API error message that was returned by Srcom, for example "Game <id> could not be found" or "The submitted run does not validate against the schema. See the errors attached.".

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def message #

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def to_s(io) #

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