class Srcom::RateLimiter


This keeps track of the requests being made the API, making sure that the rate limit isn't exceeded. To account for slight inaccuracies an additional #backoff_time (which defaults to 1 second) can be specified. This is added to the time that is needed at minimum to be allowed another request.

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Constant Summary

Log = Srcom::Log.for("rate_limit")


Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : Float64 = 1) #

Makes a new RateLimiter with the given backoff_time in seconds.

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Instance Method Detail

def backoff_time : Float64 #

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def backoff_time=(backoff_time : Float64) #

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def check_rate_limit(endpoint : String) #

Ensures the rate limit is not currently being hit.

NOTE endpoint is purely for logging purposes.

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def global_rate_limit_exceeded #

Waits until the oldest request occurred 60 seconds ago + twice the usual backoff time.

NOTE This only gets called if this RateLimiter fails, the rate limit gets exceeded, and returns error code 420.

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